Urgently need a job?
We can help. It doesn't matter which job you are looking for: an accountant, a designer, an engineer. You no longer need to search for vacancies and send resumes - we will do it for you.

The main reason for the poor performance in self-searching for work is that most employers who are ready to invite you to a suitable position cannot do this because they are not aware of your existence.


This happens due to the fact that it is impossible to respond to more than a third of the vacancies you are interested in, even if you have enough free time and special tools.
Why trust us?
We are aware of all vacancies on the Internet
The employer publishes a vacancy and in a couple of minutes we are sending him your CV. The recruiter does not even have time to have a cup of coffee. It doesn't matter where the vacancy has been posted - on a well-known job site or only on his corporate site, we will instantly find out about it and send your resume.
We are hardworking
We send your resume to a large number of companies. The more companies receive your resume, the more interview invintation you will get which means that you'll have more options to choose a perfect job from. Our main task is not only to find you the right job, but also to give you the opportunity to choose the best option.
Application Tracking System Trap
All large companies use special software Application Tracking System. Often, your resume does not even get to the recruiter, as they do not pass the formal requirements. We know how to increase the chance that your resume will reach the right recruiter.
Individual approach to each client
The main guarantee of the quality of your employment is that your personal consultant is responsible for the result - an experienced employment specialist who is personally interested in actively promoting your candidacy and providing you with the best option for a new job.
100% refund
100% refund if we did not help you with your employment.
How it works

It takes you no more than 5 minutes!
Upload your CV
Specify the desired position and location
Get invitations for interviews!
What we do
Checking the resume
We correct mistakes, we format your CV in a convenient form for the employer. We want you to find a job. For a fraction of a second, employers make a decision whether they are ready to consider your CV further, so your resume should look attractive.
Finding the right jobs
Within 24 hours we select vacancies that are suitable according to your resume and wishes to the future employer. The number depends on your resume and wishes, usually it is 100-150 vacancies.
Monitoring new job offers
Within 30 days we monitor all new vacancies that might be suitable for you. As soon as the employer publishes a new job that suits you, we instantly send your resume to this company
We help people find jobs
We believe that there is a suitable work for every person, the one that will fulfill one's life with the meaning and joy of being useful to society
3 756
people found work thanks to us
570 912
times we sent a resume
of our clients found work
simple math
Applicants who have entrusted us to send their resume receive a financial offer 12% higher than those who send resumes on their own
Instead of a tedious job search and filling out thousands of forms, expect letters and calls from recruiters inviting you to interviews
Have any questions?
How will you choose a job for me, where will you send my resume to?
To select vacancies, we will primarily focus on your resume, wishes to the employer, the desired salary. We have been engaged in employment for 12 years, so we are well aware of which vacancies may be suitable for a candidate, even when the candidate doesn't know about it
How do I know where you sent my resume to?
Information about each job for which we sent a resume will be in your dashboard. You can view this list at any time and make additional requests to your employer.
What if I don't want to go to the interview where I was invited to?
Do not go. Our task is to provide you with as much interviews as possible, but you are a final decision maker
I'm not sure exactly which position I can obtain, what should I do?
Not a problem. Upload your resume and our professional recruiters will select the companies that may be interested in your candidacy.
I have no job experience, how to make a resume in this case?
Just endicate your age and education. Many employers are looking for candidates with no experience, every day we look through thousands of such vacancies
Why pay you if I can search for job openings and send resumes on my own?
That's right, you can do it yourself completely free of charge. But no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to respond to at least 10% of all available vacancies that we find thanks to our machine learning algorithms. In addition, the process of response to vacancies is extremely tedious, to make 100 responses you need several days of work. Still, you will not be sure if your resume got to the recruiter or was filtered out by the Applicant Tracking System
Have any questions left?
We will be happy to help you.
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